Walk-Around magic is exactly as the name implies, magic that is done on a personal level one on one.  Whether it be while walking through a crowd of people at a charity or community event or at a restaurant going table to table, this

magic uses entertainment to occupy time that  customers or guest would be waiting aimlessly, whether for a table to be available, waiting for the main entrée to come, a delay in service, or to occupy small children who are waiting with their parents or during a festival to bridge gaps between events. Close up magic is designed to enhance any setting, and is not limited to a restaurant, it could be used in any business situation.  Being entertained helps to keep the customer's mind off of the waiting time and keeps them happier while they wait.
     Close up or walk around magic is ideal for fundraiser events, group functions, or festivals where you have a large amount of people milling around.  It gives them a little something extra and keeps them entertained. 
The advantage to using magic is that it captures attention, shows people waiting that your business is unique and trying to please them, and makes for an unforgettable evening at their favorite restaurant,  fundraiser or group event.
     Close up or walk around magic is designed to enhance, not detract from your business or event.  Magic will not be done during the time people are eating or ordering, .  Patrons and guests are given the choice to have magic performed for them or to be left alone.