Medieval - an adjective meaning of, like, or characteristic of the Middle Ages.   Magic  - a noun meaning the art of performing illusions and mysterious effects by means of skilled sleight of hand and other techniques.
     Magic has been performed throughout the ages for reasons ranging from entertainment to medicinal. The time in history and legend that magic flourished with the most mystery and character was the middle ages or the Medieval times. It was from this period that many fascinating and captivating stories came. Stories of Merlin, Master Magician and confidant to King Arthur, and many other countless stories. Hence the name "Medieval Magic" is intended to bring forth those feelings of a time long past in our childhood.  A time when our imaginations knew no boundaries and fantasies took flight.
      Tom Crecelius has been practicing magic professionally since 1998.  He is a member of the Greater Louisville Magic Club where he serves as Club Secretary, a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and a member of the Society of American Magicians.
      Tom has always been amazed and awestruck with magic from the time he saw his first show.  Of course as a child he had to have the Sneaky Pete Magic Kit which he used to perform feats of magic for his family and friends over and over again.   Now as an adult he loves magic even more, if possible.  Tom performs weekly at the local Blue River café, where he gives patrons 30 minutes of laughter and amazement. Tom also does private parties, banquets, stage shows and walk around magic at community festivals and restaurants.  He and his wife, Katie, also do many Renaissance festivals and events in full costume as Merlin & Nimue`.  We would love to do a show for you at your next special event.  Please contact us for further information or to book a show.
         If you would like to attend one of our shows, check out our calendar of  upcoming performances.